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Today and always we reassure our
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We are facing an unprecedented situation, that requires an unprecedented response. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we immediately decided to ramp up our production. We are working closely with our local and international suppliers to guarantee production.

As part of the different measures implemented to face this new scenario, we have added this new page which will be updated regularly with useful resources and information about COVID-19.



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Cleaning and disinfection instructions


Our commitment has always been to prioritize the life of patients. That is why we believe we should share information and provide accurate news in these circumstances. We are sharing news and announcements about the latest decisions and actions that we are implementing.

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  • 01. Can TECME ventilators operate safely in a COVID-19 contaminated environment?

    Yes, TECME ventilators operate safely in patients with COVID-19. Follow the instructions in the user manual, and the recommendations for the safe use of ventilators and the use of inspiratory and expiratory filters.

  • 02. How can TECME ventilators be safely used in patients with COVID-19?

    We recommend the following steps to prevent any contamination:

    • Follow the instructions for use of the ventilator and the WHO guidelines. Click here to download.
    • Use an antibacterial and antiviral inspiratory filter, if needed, to ensure that the internal gas path of the ventilator is not contaminated.
    • Protect the expiratory set from cross-contamination by using an antibacterial and antiviral filter between the expiratory set and the patient circuit.
    • For active humidification, use an antibacterial and antiviral filter on the inspiratory and expiratory ports.
    • For passive humidification, use an FHME antibacterial and antiviral filter between the Y-Part of the patient circuit and the patient to protect the airway from contamination. Adding this component will change the anatomical dead space and the airway resistance. Take these changes into account when setting the ventilation mode.
    • Use the Standby function before disconnecting the ventilator from the patient to avoid dispersing flow present in the potentially contaminated patient circuit.
    • Disinfect the external surfaces of the ventilator with a hospital-grade disinfectant during ventilation or after treating a patient. Consult with your hygiene specialist about the appropriate disinfectant, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, especially regarding contact time.
    • Use only a closed in-line vacuum system.

  • 03. Is it possible to connect more than one patient to the same ventilator?

    To ensure adequate ventilation and lung protection, ventilator settings and monitoring should be applied only to one patient. TECME ventilators are not designed, tested, or approved for use on multiple patients at the same time, so this use is not recommended.

    These are some of the complications/impediments of this of practice:

    • Volumes would go to the lungs with highest compliance.
    • Positive end expiration pressure (PEEP), extremely important for these patients, would be impossible to manage.
    • It would be practically impossible to monitor patients and measure lung mechanics.
    • Monitoring and alarm management would not be possible.
    • It would be impossible to individually manage a case of clinical improvement or deterioration.
    • Click here to read the press release of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (ASPF), the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the American Association of Critical‐Care Nurses (AACN) and the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST).

  • 04. Does TECME offer clinical guidance on how to treat patients with COVID-19?

    TECME does not offer clinical guidance. Consult societies and organizations such as the WHO, AARC and Sociedad Argentina de Terapia Intensiva (Argentine Intensive-Care Society, SATI) for more information, best practices, and clinical guidance.

  • 05. How are TECME ventilators disinfected?

    Before starting the cleaning and disinfection processes, turn off the ventilator.

    Clean and disinfect the device with the following products:
    Solvent-based water-alcohol/quaternary ammonium cleaner (such as benzalkonium chloride).

    2% glutaraldehyde.

    Warning: Do not clean the rear and front panel with abrasive chemical solvents, or acid or alkaline substances. Do not use solvents, acetone, chloroform or strong acidic substances, or chlorinated solvents.

    Clean the screen and touch screen with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of neutral soap and warm water.

    Warning: Do not clean the screen with abrasive chemical solvents, or acid or alkaline substances. Do not use any type of alcohol. Do not spray the cleaning product directly on the screen.

    To clean the expiratory set before the sterilization process, use only chlorine-free neutral detergents. The expiratory set is autoclavable. Stands 50 sterilization cycles in autoclave if the following parameters are chosen: 20 minutes at 121 °C – 2 hours; or 15 minutes at 134 °C – 1.5 hours.

    It is important to follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturers of each product.

    For more information on cleaning and disinfection, see the ventilator’s user manual. You can also download the following guidelines:

    Ventilator Cleaning Guidelines
    Capnograph Cleaning Guidelines

  • 06. What is the air and oxygen pressure necessary for TECME Neumovent ventilators to operate?

    The O₂ and air supply pressure for TECME Neumovent ventilators depends on the model, and it is usually between 2.8 bar and 7 bar. The exact pressure range of the model is specified in the back cover of each device.

  • 07. Can I put old TECME ventilators back into use?

    The current situation is extremely delicate and complex due to the advance of the pandemic. As a leading medical technology company, the safety of the patient is our top priority. If you are planning to use older ventilator models, contact TECME with information on the model and serial number to determine whether or not it is possible to use it and, if so, what measures should be taken before its operation.

  • 08. Are TECME's technical maintenance services still providing assistance?

    We still provide technical services, prioritizing the operation of our products and services and emphasizing all recommended precaution measures — the safety of our clients, patients and employees is also important.
    Thanks to our network of authorized distributors, technical services are available in all the areas where we operate.

    For more information on the representatives in each area, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

Here you can download the guidelines for different cleaning and disinfection procedures due to the advance of the COVID-19.


See instructions


See instructions

Video tutorials

To complement the detailed information in our user manuals, which are included with each device, and due to the difficulties in arranging face-to-face training opportunities for healthcare professionals, we have created several video tutorials.

These videos includes information on our ventilators, their components, and their operation, setting-up and maintenance.

Description of the ventilator

Expiratory set

Proximal Flow Sensor


Basic uses of the ventilator

Ventilator maintenance

User’s downloads

Access the following documents here:

– Quick guide
– User’s guide

Both documents corresponding to the GraphNet advance, neo and ts models.

The software version presented in this documents may vary according to the equipment’s marketing market. In this document the version used is N11-01.15.XX.

User’s guide
Online document


Quick guide
Online document


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