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After-Sales Services

“Medical devices, especially those that are considered life-support equipment, require a properly planned and managed maintenance program, so that they are reliable and available for use when needed.”

We are focused on the development of high-quality medical technology, guided by a deep commitment to life.

That is why we have a complete after-sales service that includes training and assistance to users, maintenance and repair of the devices, and marketing of all the accessories that are necessary for the correct operation.


When buying a Tecme ventilator, the support of highly qualified specialists is guaranteed. Our professionals will be available to answer questions and concerns about the functioning of the device. Likewise, once acquired the device, we provide permanent support throughout the installation process.


Our evolution is possible thanks to the joint work and commitment of professionals who are willing to share knowledge and experiences to train distributors and medical professionals.

These training programs are supported by the highest quality standards to guarantee efficiency and safety in the implementation of our ventilators. We provide training to distributors and medical professionals.


Commercial training, product, installation, maintenance, and technical service.
– They are carried out at our facilities as well as in situ in all parts of the world.
– They are scheduled every 2 years.

Medical Professionals

Product training and hospital maintenance.
– The scheduled training sessions are in-person and carried out by specialized instructors from Tecme.
– In addition, we regularly carry out specific online training sessions.


55+ years of experience committed to innovation and patient care.

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