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Committed to life.

A commitment of more than half a century


We are committed to taking mechanical ventilation and life support to the next level.

Since our beginnings in 1966, we have focused on developing high-quality medical technology, always “Committed to life.”

Our purpose arises thanks to our founders: Dr. Ernesto P. Mañá, a Pulmonologist specialized in thoracic surgery, who provided us with his human outlook and concern for improving the possibilities of recovery of patients, and his brother, Mr. Luis R. Mañá, who would initiate the spark of innovation and creativity.

Since our beginnings, we have focused on the development of high-quality medical technology with a clear horizon and guided by our commitment to life. Today, our experience of more than 50 years of investigation and development in ventilators allows us to open up new horizons in the field of medical technology, offering complementary products constantly in accordance with high quality and design standards for the safe treatment of critical patients.

Dr. Ernesto P. Mañá

Luis R. Mañá

To contribute with medical technology to people’s well-being, focused on and committed to life.

To design, develop and manufacture medical technology of excellence, based on continual improvement, high quality and the innovation of our products, to ensure sustained growth.
To grow and diversify by branching out into new markets and expanding our range of products and services.
To establish long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Patient-Oriented Approach:

The patient comes first.


This is the historic driving force of the company. We promote research and development. We value curiosity, proactivity and creativity.


We are a company that is committed to the manufacturing process of our products, with a global mechanism for the responsible management of its possible environmental impacts.


We work to improve the quality of our products, services and communications.

Our Team:

They are the pillar of our company. We value creativity, curiosity, dedication, integrity and commitment to a job well done. We promote training and continual improvement amongst our staff.


Our infrastructure allows us to optimize the distribution of new ventilators in different markets around the world always in accordance with the highest global quality standards.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Commercial Office

São Pablo, Brasil

Commercial Office

Atlanta, USA

Production and Commercialization Plant


55+ years of experience committed to innovation and patient care.

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