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The mechanical ventilator that provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation, adaptable to any patient category.


• Comprehensive monitoring
• Adaptable to any intensive care unit

Robust and Reliable

Neumovent is a microprocessor-controlled mechanical ventilator that incorporates the most advanced ventilation modes. It is one of the most solid and trustworthy devices of the market due to its compact design and the comprehensive monitoring of vital sign variables.

Neumovent Advance functionalities can be adapted to the patient’s needs due to its advanced technology, as well as its integrated sensitive touch screen and its intuitive operating system, which create a clear and simple user experience.

As for the Neumovent TS, it is presented as a versatile device with upgradable software features to choose from: neonatal category, high-flow oxygen therapy, Adaptive Ventilatory Assist (AVA), and spontaneous breathing test (SBT). All these complements can be purchased separately optimizing the functionalities of the ventilator.


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Ventilators specially designed for the tiniest patients.

Designed with specific technology for Neonatal Intensive Care Units, the Neumovent Neo provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation to neonatal-infant patients, including premature babies. In addition, it allows the monitoring of the main ventilatory parameters, providing a comprehensive solution for the respiratory care of these little warriors.



Volumetric capnography

Integrated monitoring of exhaled CO2 and display of volumetric curves over time, as well as measurements of physiological dead space.

* Only available in Neumovent advance ventilator.

Neonatal proximal flow sensor for neonatology

The proximal flow sensor optimizes flow and volume monitoring independent from compressible volume in the patient circuit. Measurement of ventilation parameters that allows making correct information-based decisions, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and guaranteeing patient safety.

* Only available in Neumovent advance and Neumovent neo ventilators.


Wide variety of modes and tools of ventilation for personalized and different clinical needs.

The AVA® mode is an adaptive mode with optimal control that guarantees minute ventilation of the patient, generating a ventilatory pattern with the minimal respiratory work.


Oxygen therapy administered through nasal cannulas or masks has always been the first approach to alleviate hypoxemia in patients. The addition of this method expands the use of the ventilator to the stages that are prior and after the mechanical ventilation itself, by providing non-invasive assistance to oxygenation.


This tool allows a spontaneous breathing test to be performed before weaning, monitored in real time and completely safe with dedicated alarms.

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