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Committed to life.

A commitment of more than half a century

Our commitment

As a company committed to life for more than 55 years, we are aware of the importance of maintaining a culture of ethics and integrity. These values are essential when carrying out our work and they guide us on our path to fulfill our mission to develop excellent medical technology.

We are proud of our attitude, which shows our nature and represents the basis of all our policies, reflecting both within our company and in our relationship with the community.

Quality Policy

Everything we do at Tecme honors our commitment to life. That is why we design and manufacture products that adjust to the highest quality levels to provide safety and trust when assisting critical patients.

Through our Quality Policy, we are committed to provide excellent products and services and to improve them constantly, as well as to guarantee the effectiveness of the quality management system, maintain a quality system that meets our compulsory rules and regulations, and maintain an appropriate workplace that supports a safe and effective equipment production and delivery.

Healthcare Professionals

If there were no specialists protecting their patients’ lives and health, our products would not exist. As a consequence, we strive to meet their needs and requirements through a perfect service, in which we offer safe and high-quality products.

Together with our business partners, we support professionals in the maintenance of products and their use by training them continuously and being at their disposal through our different communication channels to answer their questions and concerns.

Our Team

Every day, each of the individuals working at Tecme worries about creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Our daily work is based on respect, collaboration and mutual confidence in an open and inclusive environment.

We value every person’s individuality and encourage their personal development by helping them improve their abilities, commitment and creativity.

We Care about People

We believe that every individual can make a great contribution to collaborative work. That is why we are committed to provide gender equality, equal treatment and equal opportunities to our collaborators.

Likewise, we reject any form of discrimination, including those based on origin, gender, sexual orientation, social status, physical or medical condition, disability, age, nationality, religion or personal beliefs.

Suppliers and Business Partners

We are interested in maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and suppliers. Therefore, we make sure that they are committed to act honestly and faithfully and adhere to our company’s principles when managing their own business.

In addition, our business relationships are regulated by objective decisions and the fulfillment of criteria, such as price, quality, manufacture and delivery, and the respect for current legislation and ethical corporate principles.

Free and Fair Competition

We do not use information that could go against our competitors or give us advantage. We promote a free and fair competition for all participating actors. Therefore, our sale policy is based on highlighting the benefits we can provide. We only make accurate comparisons between our sales or products and those from our competitors.

We also respect and guarantee the fulfillment of our tax obligations and current laws and policies in the countries where we sell our products.

Human Rights

We are committed to the fulfillment of Human Rights, so we reject child labor, forced labor, human trafficking and any form of work that puts people’s dignity at risk. We have zero tolerance for any behavior that believes, promotes and allows an offensive, humiliating or threatening working environment. We also make sure that our business partners follow these principles.

Safety Comes First

Every individual working at Tecme is responsible for following safety procedures and established rules to take care of our own health and others’ health. So, all our workplaces, procedures and rules are in compliance with regulations provided by Argentina’s Safety and Hygiene Act (Ley de Seguridad e Higiene).

Tecme in the Community

We strive to take actions that contribute to the general public and community’s wellbeing. For this reason, we support different organizations in their pursuit of building a better world for everyone.

Commitment to the Environment

We are aware of the impact that environmental care has in our lives and health. We take actions that can contribute to its care actively: we design our products according to eco-responsibility standards, we sort waste, we take responsibility for hazardous waste treatment, and we preserve natural resources by encouraging a decrease in their use, among other measures.


55+ years of experience committed to innovation and patient care.

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