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Ventilatory Assist®

The AVA® modeis an adaptive closed loop mode with optimal control that guarantees minute ventilation of the patient, generating a ventilatory pattern with the minimal respiratory work.

Physiological Benefits

As main parameters, the operator must program only 2 values:

1. Ideal body weight of the patient, used to calculate the optimal minute volume.

2. The percentage of the calculated minute volume to be administered.

Using Otis’ equation, the algorithm will calculate automatically and in real time the optimal respiratory rate and the appropriate tidal volume to reach the minute volume with the minimum respiratory work.

The mode analyzes the patient’s respiratory mechanics and expiratory time constant.
The calculated parameters will always be kept within safety limits to avoid situations of hyperventilation, hypoventilation, air trapping or volutrauma. The mode starts with 3 test breaths to analyze the respiratory mechanics and the expiratory time constant of the patient.

The algorithm will never generate parameters that are outside the safety limits dictated by what is called “expert rules”, ensuring patient protection.

The safety limits define a square with limits for the maximum and minimum volume and respiratory rate.

Uses and Application

The AVA® mode also allows a smooth transition from controlled ventilation to completely spontaneous ventilation in an automated way.


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