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Introducing Brina®, the new high-end mechanical invasive and non-invasive ventilator for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.


• High-resolution touchscreen
• Detachable and modular design
• Smart and intuitive interface
• Comprehensive monitoring
• Wide variety of software features


High resolution 18” touchscreen with intuitive user interface makes the ventilator’s operation not only easy but quickly.

and rotative

Highly visible alarm indicator. The design of the VentBox gives the user the possibility to mount it on a trolley, ceiling supply or shelf.

Brina is our most advanced ventilator to date and the outcome of more than 55+ years of experience.

Offering reliable and high-performance solutions for patient-adaptive ventilation.


We are committed to life since the beginning.

Ventilator specially designed for the tiniest patients.

Brina neo provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation to neonatal-infant patients, including premature babies, and pediatric patients. Brina neo provides complete monitoring of the main ventilatory variables, providing a comprehensive solution for the respiratory care of these little warriors.



Improved design for more accurate measurements

Expiratory Port

The Expiratory Port has been specially developed for a more direct and precise electronic control of the respiratory phases of the breathing cycle. It enables an improved response time and the spontaneous breathing of the patient even during the inspiratory phase in pressure-controlled modes.

Paramagnetic Sensor

The Paramagnetic Sensor has been integrated to perform efficiently and continuously throughout the entire life cycle of the ventilator, removing the need of a periodic replacement.


Simple and clean user interface. Designed to take important decisions in different situations.

  • Active Lung

    Active lung for a graphic and better visualization of the patient’s ventilatory condition. The compliance of the lung and the resistance of the airway are shown graphically and numerically. The lungs, together with the diaphragm, expand and contract synchronizing with the patient’s breaths.

  • Numerical Screen

    Visualization designed to be used during the medical room review, improving
    the visibility of the parameters from a distance.

  • Family View

    Visualization designed to generate a friendly environment during family visits without losing monitoring
    of the basic ventilation parameters.

Modular design

Adaptable to different clinical environments and needs:


Wide variety of modes and tools of ventilation for personalized and different clinical needs.

The AVA® mode is an adaptive mode with optimal control that guarantees minute ventilation of the patient, generating a ventilatory pattern with the minimal respiratory work.


Oxygen therapy administered through nasal cannulas or masks has always been the first approach to alleviate hypoxemia in patients. The addition of this method expands the use of the ventilator to the stages that are prior and after the mechanical ventilation itself, by providing non-invasive assistance to oxygenation.


This tool allows a spontaneous breathing test to be performed before weaning, monitored in real time and completely safe with dedicated alarms.

Accessories / Consumables


55+ years of experience committed to innovation and patient care.

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