For more than 50 years, TECME has been a specialist in manufacturing mechanical ventilators for intensive care units. In 1966, we conducted the initial tests at the Experimental Surgery Department at Hospital Córdoba and introduced to the market the first Argentine ventilator developed by the founders of our company.

Responsibility and innovation in every detail allowed us to grow into a leading ventilator manufacturer, not only because of our products, but also because of the quality of our professionals, researchers and specialists involved in the production process.

Our commitment has always been to prioritize life, that is why we believe that in this situation we must share information and provide reassurance to our community. We know that ventilators are key in the race to save lives, and we are all devoted to this: manufacturers, suppliers, state agencies and public-private institutions.

Given the advance of the pandemic, we decided to prioritize the Argentine market. We are the largest Argentine company in the local ventilator market, and we felt a strong sense of responsibility.

A ventilator is a life-support device and it must be safe and effective for patients. For example, our ventilators consist of more than 2,700 parts and have hundreds of thousands of lines of code developed by our experts. There is no margin for error, and that is why every step in the production process is regulated and controlled.

We are facing an unprecedented situation that needs an unprecedented response. When the pandemic began in other parts of the world, we immediately made decisions that allowed us to ramp up production, but planning the incremental development of such a complex product takes weeks and it depends on the supply of very specific assembly parts. We have been working closely with our local and international suppliers to guarantee the supply of materials, even with closed borders and paralyzed distribution systems.

– We have increased our production by 200% over the last 30 days using more facilities and technical staff, and we are planning to incorporate a new assembly line in the short term to increase our capacity.

– We are dedicated to manufacturing ventilators with the quality that has characterized our company for more than 50 years.

– We know that our team is the cornerstone of our company and the risk of contracting the virus is always present. For this reason, we have taken all the necessary measures to protect their health, implementing the protocols required by specialized organizations and adopting the suggested best practices regarding safety and hygiene in each step of the production process.

– The management of our company is working with the National, Provincial and Municipal Government, as well as with intermediate institutions.

We want to reassure the public as well as our suppliers and internal collaborators, that we are doing our best effort in this emergency. We are confident that the national and international supplies and raw materials will be delivered on time to meet the needs of our critically ill patients.

We thank each of the government agencies, public and private institutions, and all the people who have offered us their help and collaboration.