At TECME, we want to remind all healthcare professionals and institutions that only qualified and authorized technicians should repair and maintain our devices.

Intensive care ventilators are high-complexity life-support devices, and there are rules and regulations that guarantee safety and operating conditions during the entirety of the ventilator’s life. The wear and tear of some TECME ventilators components depend not only on the hours of use, but also on the time they remain in the device. The exhaustion or failure of any of the component elements may result in improper functioning, which will affect the patient connected to the device.

To preserve the optimal conditions and ensure proper operation of the ventilators, perform maintenance, calibration and verification checks regularly. TECME qualified staff or authorized distributors should perform these tasks to guarantee safety and efficiency of use.

We believe healthcare professionals and institutions will understand that these procedures are aimed at preserving everybody’s health.

We have authorized distributors in more than 55 countries. . To find out the representative in your area, get in touch with Tecme’s technical service team: