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Our progress is possible thanks to the joint work and commitment of professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience in order to train distributors and medical professionals.

These training programs are backed by the highest quality standards, in order to guarantee the efficient and safe implementation of our ventilators.

We provide trainings aimed at:


Focused on business, products, installation, maintenance, and technical services.

Conducted on-site all over the world.

Scheduled every 2 years.

Medical Professionals

Focused on products and in-hospital maintenance.

Trainings are in person, scheduled and conducted by specialized Tecme SA instructors.

In addition, we periodically conduct online trainings for specific subjects through the WebEx platform.

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Online Support

We offer post-sales consultations and support, via a customer support line staffed by professional experts.


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Technical Support

For Technical Support please contact your distributor.

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Our Devices

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