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Legal Terms and Conditions of Use, and Privacy Policies of Tecme Corporation.

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Legal Terms and Conditions of Use
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Personal Information

With regard to the processing of Personal Information, necessary measures will be taken in order to guarantee protection of said information, pursuant to Law No. 25.326 and Regulatory Decree No. 1558/2001.

For any inquiries and/or requests to access, delete or rectify information, you may contact us via e-mail at with the subject line “personal information”.

With respect to the gathered data, this will be obtained via the information that you provide us directly and with your express consent, and shall be used only for the required purposes.

Prior to submitting any requested information, users will be informed of the intended purposes for using said information, and the latter shall be handled with utmost care.

The information that we process will be archived in the databases of Tecme S.A., using appropriate security measures to guarantee their protection. Your information will not be transferred to any third-party.

You are hereby informed that upon any breach, the NATIONAL OFFICE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION, the Oversight Body of Law No. 25.326, is entrusted to receive complaints and claims issued with respect to regulations on the protection of Personal Information.

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Privacy Policies

Transparency is important to us in the use of information and protection of user privacy via our Website. We adopt measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information that you may provide to us.

While modifications may be made at any time and without prior notification, said modifications shall be published periodically on this site.

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