Every year, approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely; that is to say, babies born before week 37 of pregnancy, which increases the risk of mortality and the tendency to develop other health complications.
For this reason, and because of an initiative taken by the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) and other European related organizations, World Prematurity Day is celebrated on November 17 every year, as a way of highlighting the importance of prevention, and adequate treatment and support for the families of those babies.
This year’s theme is “A parent’s embrace: a powerful therapy”, recalling the importance of skin-to-skin contact after birth, a practice that provides several benefits to the health of newborns. Furthermore, it is a safe and easy method that reduce costs and increases maternal satisfaction.Likewise, it is crucial for these babies to have the necessary medical technology for their care and to train adequately the staff that will take care of them.

At Tecme, we are committed to life since the beginning.

Therefore, on this day, we would like to send greetings and thank greatly the institutions and health care teams that take care of premature babies since their birth. We would also like to send a big warm hug to our tiniest patients and
their families.
We are proud of our little heroes!